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Uolls Chicory Herbal Coffee

Traditional quick-service beverage concept with a vibrant swagger and sophisticated global appeal offering a diverse selection of hot and cold organic coffees and teas plus a robust food program.

Despite being around for over two centuries, 

Chicory has gained popularity in recent years.
This hot beverage tastes a coffee but it mixes with roasted chicory root with coffee beans. It is popular among those trying to reduce their caffeine intake and may be linked to several health benefits, including reduced inflammation, decreased blood sugar and improved digestive health.
What’s chicory coffee all about?
Well, here is your Answer-
Chicory is a perennial plant of the dandelion family. The root of chicory is commonly used as a ‘Caffeine’ and ‘Nicotine’ free substitute for ‘coffee’.
Apart from that it has several benefits-
1) Digestive Support
2) Antioxidant activity
3) Liver’s best buddy
4) Stress buster
5) Anti-inflammatory properties
And of course, TASTY
Rejoice spreading the mood of love, festivity & togetherness.


Our Product


Roasted chicory root, France’s favorite coffee alternative, imparts a smooth, non-acidic, full-bodied depth to Teeccino. Chicory root contains the highest amount of inulin of any food. Inulin is the prebiotic soluble fiber that feeds your beneficial digestive flora, also called probiotics. Brewing chicory root in hot water naturally extracts its inulin. Improve gut health and support your immune system with a daily cup of Teeccino that keeps your probiotics flourishing! You’ve probably eaten chicory greens before in a salad. Radicchio, endive, escarole and frisée are all varieties of chicory leaves valued for their antioxidants, nutrients and bitter flavor. It’s a super food plant that supports optimal health!



Premium Blend of Robusta Coffee with Chicory Roots!
Palm jaggery!
Dry ginger!
Long pepper!